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Three Foolproof Ways to Combat Winter Hair

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for holiday dinners, days off from work, and snow days. For most people winter is a season of get together, but it’s also a season that can wreak havoc on normally healthy hair. Winter’s low temperatures and dry air can seemingly zap the moisture out of a healthy head of hair. Split ends, dry hair, and even dreaded winter hat hair can be a pain. You don’t have to hide your head all winter if you want to keep your hair healthy. There are plenty of places of ways you can keep your hair, healthy, hydrated, and looking good this winter.

Pair your hats and hoods with a discrete scarf

A simple hat or a stylish hood can shield your hair from ice, snow, sleet, and dry whipping winds. They can also completely mess up your hair do, give you a bad case of static electricity, and can zap out all of the moisture your conditioner added during your morning shower. You don’t have to part with your favorite wool beanies to keep your hair looking hydrated and healthy. Simply wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your hat and hood, and head to work or a party with a perfect head of hair. The scarf helps protect your hair from damage that would usually be caused by your hat or hood rubbing against your head. It also has the added bonus of cutting down on static.

Cut down and the hair washing

If you wash your hair every time you shower, you may already be stripping your hairs of essential oils and unintentionally harming it. During the winter, your favorite shampoo paired with the cold temperatures and dry hair can drastically dry out your hair. If you can, cut the shampooing down to two or three times each week. Also make sure you don’t leave your house with a wet head of hair. That doesn’t just have the potential to harm your hair; it also can make your hair even drier and more brittle.

Experiment with oils

If you’re doing everything you can and still have split ends and dry hair, it’s time to pull out the big beauty guns: oils. People have been using olive, coconut, and other oils for years to add extra oil to their hair to keep it shiny, smooth, and ultra-hydrated. Moroccan oil products can be just what you need to keep your hair healthy during the winter, and throughout the year. Deep oil conditioning products can give you long term shine and hydration, and they’re also simple to use. Simply adding some oil to your hair and giving it a quick blast with your hair dryer can do wonders to your hair.

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